Reinhardt-Technik Ecostar 150 The pneumatic version

Thanks to its solid technology, high operation and process reliability and easy maintainability the dosing and metering plant Ecostar 150 for manifold industrial applications stands perfectly in the tradition of the great Reinhardt-Technik machines.

The Ecostar 150 is equipped with double-acting pneumatic piston pumps, which have been tried and tested for many years. The relay control with over-pressure safety device and material shortage control are also part of the Ecostar 150 standard equipment.

Thanks to the special construction of the follow plate the material drum can be emptied to an absolute minimum residue.

Technical Data
Output ca. 2.500 g/min (for polysulphide) (depending on material viscosity)
Mixing ratio volumetric 100:17 to 100:7 continuously adjustable
Connected loads electrical 3x400 V, PE, N, 50 Hz, 0,5-2,5 kW (if required also special voltage)
Connected loads pneumatic 6 bar, max. 1400 l/min
Dimensions (L x B x H1, H2, H3)
H1: loading height, H2: max. working height, H3: height swivel arm 1.380 x 1.215 x 1.850, 3.500, 2.800
Weight ca. 480 kg

Standard Equipment
• Adjustable mixing ratio
• Dosage control device
• Material shortage control
• Over-pressure safety device
• Follow plate for reduced residue
• Mixing unit Alpha-Mix for PS with two mixing chambers
• Mixing unit Alpha-Mix for PU/SI with three mixing chambers
• Mixing unit Alpha-Mix for SI with anti-adhesive coating
• Low-maintenance dosing pump sealing system
• Pneumatic dosing pump drive
• Relay control
• Empty drum warning system for component A
• 200l drum garage for ergonomic drum change
• Pot life control
• Follow plate heating unit for component A (only PS/PU)
• Two hand control for 200l drum press

• Cartridge filler facility
• Feeding pump component B for 200l drum (PU only)
• Extension hose (PS/PU) extra charge per m
• Extension hose (SI) extra charge per m
• Special coat of lacquer
• Service contract (valid only for Germany)

Additional Equipment
• Rinsing pump for solvent
• Freezer NF 1.0 - 25/50 /PU/PS/SI