Reinhardt-Technik Ecostar 250 The Economical Version

Its state-of-the art technology at a favourable price simply make this machine a star for manifold industrial applications. Beyond that the Ecostar 250 is designed for use in the most constricted of space.

Both the high operating reliability and easy maintainability provide its all-round quality. Thus thanks to the new design of the drum grip changing drums is now easier than ever before. In the same way the special construction of the follow plate makes it possible to empty the material drum to an absolute minimum residue - this not only makes the Ecostar 250 environment-friendly but also cuts costs twice.

The economic hydraulic drive guarantees constant output at low-noise operations.

In addition to the extensive standard equipment you can arrange your machine to your individual requirements thanks to the large range of options.

Technical Data
Output ca. 2.500 g/min (for polysulphide) (depending on material viscosity)
Mixing ratio volumetric 100:16 to 100:7 continously adjustable; different mixing ratios are also available at exchange of pump
Connected loads electrical 3x400 V, PE, N, 50 Hz, 1,7 - 6,5 kW (if required also special voltage)
Connected loads pneumatic 6 bar, max. 30 l/min
Dimensions (L x B X H1, H2, H3)
H1: loading height, H2: max. working height, H3: height swivel arm 1.380 x 1.215 x 1.850, 3.500, 2.800
Weight ca. 580 kg

Standard Equipment
• Adjustable mixing ratio
• Dosage control device
• Material shortage control
• Over-pressure safety device
• Follow plate for reduced residue
• Mixing unit Alpha-Mix for PS with two mixing chambers
• Mixing unit Alpha-Mix for PU/SI with three mixing chambers
• Mixing unit Alpha-Mix for SI with anti-adhesive coating
• Low-maintenance dosing pump sealing system
• Hydraulic dosing pump drive
• Empty drum warning system for component A
• 200 l drum garage for ergonomic drum change
• Relay control
• Pot life control
• Follow plate heating unit for component A (PS/PU only)
• Two-hand control unit

• Swivel arm, 3,500 mm long
• Application manipulator, 3,300 mm long
• Swivel arm heating unit component A 3,500 mm long
• Heating componente A up to swivel arm
• Cartridge filler facility
• Feeding pump component B for 200.litre drum (PU only)
• Extension hose (PS/PU) extra charge per m
• Extension hose (SI) extra charge per m
• Special coat of lacquer

Additional Equipment
• Device for rinsing with solvent
• Freezer NF 1.0 - 25/50 /PU/PS/SI