Reinhardt-Technik Visco Star 20 - PLUS One-component technology, for fast hardening processes with booster

Due to ever shorter production processes in the container-, superstructure and rail vehicle industries the need for fast adhesives becomes more and more urgent.
In order to meet this requirement Reinhardt-Technik developed the Plus-technology. This new Plus-Kit system makes it possible to mix with the help of a Booster material (1 - 3%) humidity into the main component (Polyurethane or modified hydrosilicons). Consequently the hardening process becomes much shorter and, therefore, faster cycles times can be achieved.

The Plus-Kit is integrated in Reinhardt-Technik's one-component plants Visco Star 20 and 200. If required the Plus-Kit can also be installed into existing RT pump systems or in comparable plant systems. According to the type of machine feeding is effected either out of foil bags or 20l hobbocks.

Plant variant
In order to increase the operational reliability the machine can be equipped with an exact volumentric supervision of the dosed Booster material.

Technical Data

Output up to 1500 g/min
Container size 20-23 l // 200 l
Pressure transmission ratio 52:1 ; 80:1 ; 100:1
Booster dosing area 1 to 3%
Admissible working pressure 400 bar
Drive and control pneumatic
Air pressure 6 bar
Connected loads electrical 230 V-AC
Dimensions 20 // 200 (L x W x H x in mm) 800 x 600 x 1730 // 800 x 1200 x 3000
Weight ca. 200 kg // ca. 350 kg
Option heated material hoses