Two-Component-Technique Electronically or pneumatically operated two-component dosing and mixing systems allow the handling of a range of materials, including fluid and highly viscous materials.

Two or more component coating materials consist of main components and hardener and must be thoroughly mixed in proper proportions. After mixing, the material is only processable for a specific time, until it begins to react and harden (pot life). Two-component coating materials are processed within the pot life with either standard or special 2-component systems.

Mechanical two-component systems generally consist of two coupled conveying pumps, one for the main components, the other for the hardener. The components are brought together and mixed within a mixing tube according to a specific mixing ration. The mixing ration can be modified to shifting demands.

Two-component varnishes are exclusively used for high-quality surface coatings, when baking enamel, powder coating or conventional varnishes cannot be used.