Reinhadt-Technik Conti Mix 200 LSR Conti Mix 200 LSR
Two-component dosing and mixing unit for the production of bulky LSR workpieces in a continuous process

Continuous and variable dosing of LSR materials for the production of bulky moulds.

Technical Data
Output approx. 6 l/min
(depending on material viscosity) pneumatic feeding pumps hydraulic dosing pumps
Mixing ratio 1 : 1 (if required also 1:1 to 2,7:1
) 200 l - feeding unit 1.070 x 7.200 x 1.900 (approx. 2.855 mm with extended stroke)
Connected loads (electrical) 3 x 400 V, PE, N, 50 Hz, 11 kW (special voltage also possible)
Dimensions 1.070 x 720 x 3.500 mm (feeding unit) 1.560 x 800 x 1.755 mm (dosing unit)

• Dosing of up to 2 additives (lacquers)
• Single-component preheating unit

• Max. output V=6 l/min at a viscosity of 15.000 mPas
• Selectable and variable output
• No need for modification of plant for different volumes
• Stored program control for storage of customer’s own dosing programs