Reinhardt-Technik RT3 Dosing and metering plant for processing of one and more component reaction resins as polyurethane (PUR), epoxy (EP) and silicone (SI)

Function principal
The individual material components are emptied from the orginal material drums into material pressure vessels and then provided to special gear pumps Here different material feeding pumps are used for non-flowable systems.

The dosing pumps driven over servomotors feed the individual components in the corresponding mixing ratio to the mixing unit. Here static or dynamic mixing systems are used depending on application and material qualities. All processes are controlled with a SPS and the relevant parameters are shown over a display. The dosing plant supervises permanently the process time of the mixed mass in the mixing unit. An acoustic signal is carried out at pot life expiriy. Optionally the mixing unit is then cleaned automatically.

Technical Data
Dosing performance 0,1 bis to 30 g/sec
mixed mass
Mixing ratio resin : hardener 100:1 to 1:1
Viscosity 1 mPas to high viscous, thixotrop with abrasive/non-abrasive fillers
Pot life < 5 sec.
Material treatment (according to requirement) Electrical or warm water system heating, system tempering (water cooling and heating), pressure vessel-evacuation, recycling, material feeding out of 20 l hobbock or out of 200 l drums
Basic dimensions (B x D X H) ca. 1.500 x 900 x 1.900 mm
Basic weight (empty) ca. 210 kg
Connected loads electrical 400V / 16A / 50 Hz
Connected loads pneumatic > 5 bar

• work-table with a solid aluminum plate
• material pressure vessels level indicator
• pressure control in all matrial conducts
• Pneumatic and motor linear axes for X-, Y-, Z-movements of mixing unit
• housing (safety glass) with a safety locked work door
• complete dosing plant is mobile, with lockable roles