Sewage treatment 1.Sewage treatment
of wastewater in all kinds of industries

2.Sewage treatment works From simple container-drainage up to complete systems.
Capacity 10 l to 5000 l
We provide well-preserved, second-hand wastewater systems as well

3.Splitting agent flocculent: simple, fast and reliable From standard splitting substances to purpose-built high pwer splitting agents.
There is a special flocculent for every kind of wastewater.

4.Laboratory investigation
We also do competitive analysis!

5.Filter systems
band-pass filter, filter bag, filter pad, BIG BAG in every size.

Flocculent products ...
•eliminate pollutants
•are economical
•have special absorption attributes
•are adequate for every kind of wastewater

Our services ...
•qualified consulting
•system service
•initiation and instruction
•acceptance procedure
•discharging approval

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