Wastewater treatment plant CA 150 Compact plant with water cycle

...treatment of all kinds of industrial wastewater

•150 liter capacity
•manual plant filling
•electrical stirring device
•micro filter for permanent use
•rough filter for one way use
•filtration with dewatering container

1.put wastewater into the plant.
2.stirring device „on“
ATTENTION: before you start, be sure of right rotation of stirring device; do not start before you are sure of enough depth of wastewater charge
3.add coagulation aid (quantity has to be tested in bench seale test unit)
4.stirring time ca. 20 min. control the flocculationprogress, if not sufficient add some coagulation aid
5.stirring device „off“
6.open the gate ralve and drain the sludge by bag filtration

Technical data for the stirring device:
•quick mixer type SR4/0,25-71/4
•material: 1.4571
•shaft length: 400 mm (L=20 mm)
•stirring device: Propeller, 1 Stk.L= 100 mm

motor data:
•power: 0,25 kW
•no. of revolutions: 1500 UpM
•voltage: 230/400V/50Hz/Iso.F/IP55/S1
•rated current 400V: 0,87A
•material: PPh (Polyprophylen)
•dimensions: (B x T x H) 750 mm x 750 mm x 1500 mm
•weight: 80,00 Kg
•Ein-/Ausschalter / "ON/OFF" bzw. "0 / 1"
•connection: 400 Volt -16 Ampere CE plug