seperate in 3 steps in combination with flocculent medium and the container drainage system (CES) Remark: The same procedure is also possible with other kinds of wastewater Color rinsing wastewater, which be caused by cleaning color recovery systems, application systems or flood systems cannot run into the sewer. The best way to treat color rinsing wastewater is to use flocculent medium, provided that the share of color is not more than 5Vol%. Otherwise the color rinsing wastewater must be watered down

Step 1 Put the wastewaster into a bucket, a hobox or a small 60 l barrel. Then add flocculent medium (1 well filled measuring cup per 20 l wastewater)

Step 2 After adding flocculent, stir immediatly with a drilling machine and a color agitator. Using a high speed you have to stir 1-2 minutes so that the active substance will share out. When fine color fluffs are visible leave it for 5 minutes, then shortly stir the water again. Now you can see the color fluffs and the clear water. If the water is still not clear you have to do the same process once more.

Step 3 Now put the filterbasket on the filtratebasket, place a filter into the filterbasket and turn it over the margin of the filterbasket. Now pour the flocculent water into the filterbasket. The clear water will be collected in the filtratebasket. After consultation with the authority the clear water can be run back into the sewer. The flocculent sludge will be collected in the filterbasket. If it is dry it can be disposed.